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Luxury Go Equipment Bargains

Kiseido is offering a special selection of luxury go equipment discounted from
the regular prices posted on our web site at .

These items are available only from Kiseido's head office in Japan.
Prices are posted in US dollars. Credit card orders will be charged
in Japanese yen at the current rate of exchange.

To order and discuss method of payment, please consult with our head office in Japan
by email at

Traditional Kaya Go Board with legs


B237-3: Tenchimasa Kaya Go Board with Legs (19.3cm thick) $40,000+ (Regular
 $12,000 (Discount

The board being offered here has the highly-prized tenchimasa grain (straight grain going across the top and bottom with straight grain going from the top to bottom on the sides facing the players). Tenchimasa is the preferred grain pattern of go-equipment connoisseurs. This particular board has a small discoloration in the upper left quadrant of the surface (see image on the top left), so, for this reason, it is being offered at a discount. Other images of this board showing its other surfaces are available on request.

The board offered here is a beautiful golden yellow. The tree from which it was cut was harvested in the 1970s in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. It has been standing as a finished go board for about 40 years in the artisan's store room, so it is well seasoned and, with proper care, there is no danger that it will crack or warp.

Airmail shipping and insurance are included in the price.

If you wish to purchase this board, please consult with our head office in Japan by email at



Item   Regular   Price Discount Price     
B236-2: Tenmasa Kaya Go Board with Legs (19.3cm thick)  $40,000+ $9,500    SOLD


Kaya Table Boards

Item Regular Price Discount Price     
B214-2: Table Kaya Go Board
            US$1,250             US$650
This 6-cm thick table board is made of five pieces of kaya, cut from the same tree. The highly-prized masame grain runs straight across the top. It has a natural finish with a subdued golden yellow hue that highlights the grain.
Add 10% for airmail shipping.

Shell & Slate Go Stones

Over the last four years, there has been a tremendous demand for shell and slate stones from Mainland Chinese. Chinese go players are willing to pay high prices for whatever stones are available. As a result, it has become difficult for Kiseido to obtain these stones. Because of this demand, the main manufacturer of shell and slate stones in Japan drastically raised their prices in April 2017.

Kiseido has, however, been able to obtain a few sets of Jitsuyo grade stones that we can offer at discounted prices. These sets are listed below.

For those who wish to order a set of shell and slate stones of other sizes and grades, please go to Kiseido's go-equipment page at and place your order. We will try to obtain the set you want. If we cannot get your desired set, we will give a list of sets similar in size and grade that are available.

Item      Regular      Price     Special     Price     
S33J: Shell & Slate Jitsuyo Stones, 9.2mm thick    US$520     US$400
10% will be added for airmail shipping.

Keyaki, Chinese Quince, and Kusu Bowls

Item Regular Price         Discount         Price
T378EL: Keyaki Go Bowls         US$340         US$270

As can be seen from the image below on the left, keyaki is a beautiful wood whose golden brown color is an excellent match with the color of kaya boards. These extra large bowls will hold up to 11.3mm-thick stones.


Item Regular Price         Discount         Price
T380EL: Chinese Quince Bowls  US$370           US$295   

Chinese quince is a wood with a rich dark color (see image above on the right), similar to the island mulberry bowls, but not as expensive. These bowls will hold up to 10.1mm-thick stones.    

Item Regular Price     Discount     Price
T373: Kusu Go Bowls        US$180 US$150      

The kusu bowls above are made from the wood of the camphor (laurel) tree. Its color is a deep orange (or brownish orange).These bowls will hold up to 10.1mm-thick stones.

10% for airmail shipping will be added to the price of the above bowls.

Island Mulberry Bowls

The finest mulberry bowls are from trees harvested on Mikura Island However, a volcano erupted on neighboring Miyake Island a few years ago, so the trees there can no longer be harvested. Bowls from Mikura Island are highly prized by go-equipment connoisseurs. They have a reddish hue and one of their most appealing characteristics is that they glisten and change color as they are tilted in the light. Kiseido has access to a supply of the Mikura Island bowls crafted by Tagami Sukeshiro, a famous artisan, designated as a Japan National Treasure, who specialized in making bowls used in tea ceremony. His "nom de plume" was Yoshiaki, the characters for which he carved on the back of each bowl he made. He died in the 1990s, well into his 90s. Below are some bowls he carved that are currently available.

YA383A: Mikura Island Mulberry Bowls $1,500

YA383B: Mikura Island Mulberry Bowls $1,700

YA383C: Mikura Island Mulberry Bowls $1,600

Shipping charges are included in the price of Mikura Island bowls.
For details regarding these bowls, please send an email to Kiseido

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To order and discuss method of payment, please consult with our head office in Japan
by email at

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