Mikura Island Mulberry Bowls

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These Mikura Island bowls were all hand made by Tagami Sukeshiro, a famous artisan who specialized in making bowls used in Tea Ceremony. His "nom de plume" was Yoshiaki. He died about ten years ago, well into his 90s, but about 20 of the Mikura Island bowls he made are still available. Below are some examples of these bowls and their prices.

No1 ¥170,000 No2 ¥220,000

No. 3 ¥210,000 (sold)No. 4 ¥210,000

No. 5 ¥210,000

No.6 ¥400,000 (Sold)

No.7 ¥400,000 (Sold)

No.85 ¥300,000 (sold)