K31: The Second Book of Go Return
by Richard Bozulich
This revised edition (2018) has been completely rewritten. It covers all the basic strategies and tactics -- the opening, joseki, handicap strategy, how to secure territory by attacking, life and death, tesujis, good and bad shape, the endgame, and ko -- making it a complete introduction to the tactics and strategy of go and a guide for further study.

In particular, the chapters on life and death, tesujis, shape, and ko have been completely rewritten and expanded.

Written especially for players who have just learned go and who have read an introductory book, such as Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game; all players up to shodan can benefit from it.

Part One: Strategy
Chapter One. Opening Moves
Chapter Two. Handicap-Go Strategy
Chapter Three. Josekis
Chapter Four. The Basics of Attacking

Part Two. Tactics
Chapter Five. Life and Death
Chapter Six. Tesujis
Chapter Seven. Good and Bad Shape
Chapter Eight. Ko
Chapter Nine. The Endgame

Independent review: bengozen.com

K36: Opening Theory Made Easy Return
by Otake Hideo 9-dan
In this book, Otake presents 20 principles for opening play. You will find a discussion of the fundamentals of the opening and strategy. Almost a third of the book is devoted to the important topic of shape, a subject not well understood by most wetern go players. Otake explains sophisticated concepts in a simple and accessible way, making it easy to digest regardless of your playing strength. By applying these principles when you make your strategic decisions, you will improve your game enormously.

Independent review: bengozen.com

K02: Basic Techniques of Go Return
by Nagahara Yoshiaki 6-dan and Haruyama Isamu 9-dan
The most useful book for beginning players ever written. After introducing the basic principles of opening play, the reader is shown practical sure-win strategies which he can use in his handicap games. A chapter is devoted to tesujis (tactical brilliancies), with 69 examples and 50 problems. The book ends with a chapter on the endgame.

K28: Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go Return
by Kageyama Toshiro 7-dan
This book explains the fundamentals of go that every beginning player should study. It covers connectivity, good and bad shape, the way stones should `move', the difference between territory and spheres of influence, how to use thickness and walls, how to train yourself to read out variations, where to start looking in a life-and-death problem, and the right way to study josekis.

Independent review: bengozen.com

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