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English-Language Go Books


A complete list of go books in English published by Kiseido. 10% discount with free shipping for orders of 5 or more books.

New Publication
Defending and Attacking
Weak Groups


Volume 12 of Mastering the Basics series.
The key to getting the advantage in the opening and middle game is to identify or create weak groups, then to attack or defend them.

New Publication
The Art of Settling Stones


Volume 11 of Mastering the Basics series.
How to breathe life into your stones, stranded within your opponent's sphere of influence.

Luxury Go Equipment


Traditional kaya boards with legs, kaya table boards, a limited selection of shell & slate stones at bargain prices, and a variety of bowls made from different kinds of wood.

Go Equipment


Superior-quality go equipment available from Kiseido.

Original woodblock prints
(ukiyo-e) on go themes


Kiseido is offering for sale a stunning selection of five original woodblock prints on go themes.

English Go Books
on iPhone and iPad


Kiseido is now publishing e-books on the iPad and iPhone. K01: Invincible; K91: Modern Master Games; K71: 501 Opening Problems; K74: 501 Tesuji Problems; K46-K49: Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Volumes 1 to 4, and many others now available.

Go World Back Issues


Go World was a quarterly magazine covering the
international go scene.

Go World and Go Review Archives
Bookshelf One


All 129 issues of Go World on DVD. All 160 issues of Go Review published by the Nihon Ki-in from 1961 to 1977. Bookshelf One is a DVD of five out-of-print go books.

Shogi Equipment


Superior-quality shogi equipment available from Kiseido.

Korean Go Books
in English


English-language go books by Korean professionals distributed by Yutopian.