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English Go Books


A complete list of books available from Kiseido.

New Series
Mastering the Basics


Practice is essential for mastering go technique, but the practice one gets in games is limited. Here is a series of books with a vast variety of positions to provide the practice needed to become a dan player.

New Reprint
Opening Theory Made Easy


Reprinted by popular demand. Otake Hideo 9-dan presents twenty strategic principles that is certain to improve your opening game.

Ukiyo-e Reproductions


Reproductions of ukiyo-e go prints, one set made by traditional craftsmen who specialize in reproducing woodblock prints, the other using a color-faithful process that recreates the vividness of the original prints.

New Publication
The Go Player's Almanac


The indispensable guide to the world of go.
Whatever you want to know about go,
you'll find it in this book.

New Publication Excerpt
Get Strong at Attacking


The introduction of Kiseido's latest book from the
Get Strong at Go Series.

Japanese Go Books


Japanese-language Go books published in Japan.

Go Equipment


Superior-quality Go equipment available from Kiseido.

Computer Software


Software for playing Go against a computer available from Kiseido.